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About Us

AGR Body is a web site that specializes in diet, exercise, and resistance training for aiding men to achieve healthy weight loss and lean muscle development without any pills, powders or potions. The diet and exercise plans for men that are available on this website are intended to help men from any walk of life reach their individual body's fitness, muscular development and lifestyle goals regardless of their age, fitness level or training history. enjoys a health and wellness ownership group based out of Dundas, Ontario, Canada that focuses on researching, creating, marketing and distributing the plans necessary to achieve the diet, and exercise regimens for effective and satisfying physical transformations. The diet and exercise plans offered on this website are able to be used by men in over 100 countries across the world.

Led by fitness and nutrition experts, AGR Body's mission is to help individuals whose fitness goals go beyond basic diet and exercise training and focus on the body's core muscular and fat loss potential.

The goal of AGR Body and it's ownership group is to position ourselves as a leader in men's digitized body sculpting programs by providing the assistance guys need to help achieve their personal fitness goals. These programs and others in various stages of development can be accessed from any PC, Tablet or mobile device wherever an internet connection can be found.

Quite simply, we aim to help create as many physically sculpted, healthier, satisfied clients as we possibly can as these same men will continue to be the foundation upon which we build our brand awareness and the success of our fitness business into the future.

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